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Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow

สั่งซื้อพัดลมระบายอากาศ : 02-172-8889
Multi-usage Purpose
● Exhaust type & Supply type
● Suitable for Smoke exhaust fan
● Less space to installation
● Air Flow 500cfm – 35,000 cfm
● Motor are totally-enclosed non-ventilated squirrel-cage induction type.
● Fan can be supplied with the following motors to meet the customer’s various requirements.
● Motor up to and including 3.7 kW (4HP) are normally supplied for Direct-On Line starting only.
● The motor terminal box is connected to the fan casing as an outside component, therefore easily accessible for wiring.
● The impeller, made of an aluminum alloy casting.
● Blade shall be airfoil shaped.
● The blade pitch angle shall be individually adjustable after assembling.
● The pitch angle varies from 4° to 36° in 2° steps.